Aquatica Submarines and Subsea Technology Inc. (Aquatica), a leading manufacturer and operator of manned submersibles, announced today that their flagship submersible the Stingray 500 has outperformed expectations and closes out another successful year of expeditions and dives on the west coast of North America. The Stingray 500 was designed with a streamlined, lightweight hull and flexible payload configuration in order to provide cost effective alternatives for commercial, research and tourism applications. Throughout 2017, customers consistently contracted the Stingray 500 and Aquatica’s team of submersible pilots and operational specialists to conduct a wide range of dives and expeditions. Dive missions included tourism operations with tier one tour providers, scientific research and biological monitoring of artificial reefs, commercial surveys, and several film and media expeditions featured on international broadcast outlets including the Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet and Tech Week.”

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